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Sneak-Peek Wedding Photos | Wedding Photography | Hagerstown, MD

One of the more popular wedding photos these days is the sneak-peek picture. These are a lot of fun to capture! It can be challenging for the bride and groom to not look at each other; believe me the temptation is there! None-the-less, finding creative ways for the bride and groom to capture a moment together prior to walking down the aisle on their wedding day is a blast!

Whether there is blindfold separating the bride and groom, or simply a doorway, R&E Creative really enjoys finding new creative ways to capture that sneak-peek.

We had the wonderful opportunity to capture Heather and Cameron's deep love from one another on their wedding day. We all enjoyed the mini photo session of the sneak-peek photos. The bride and groom were full of laughs as we did our best to keep them from peeking at each other prior to the ceremony.

There are so many different ways this type of picture can be captured, and as wedding photographers, we simply love experimenting with the art of it!

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