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Back to School! | Hagerstown, MD

"Back to School" – a phrase that inspires mixed emotions to many of us. The impending end of summer... the excitement of rekindling friendships... even the scent of stationary materials like pencils and erasers. Back to school can signify many things. However, as a parent, it takes on an even deeper meaning.

We recently had to let this kid enter the world of public schooling as he began kindergarten earlier in the month. I know his mom wasn't ready for it, and to be honest, I'm not sure I was either. But time moves forward whether we are prepared for it or not. And one of the most difficult things for any parent is accepting that their "baby" is growing up. Obviously, it was important for Erica and I to document this, and I'm glad she talked me into taking a few nice high quality photos of Scott.

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