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Getting Good Wedding Photos | Chambersburg, PA

Enjoy Erika and Cameron’s beautiful wedding day through their custom online photo album! We had a great time traveling to Chambersburg, PA, back in August to capture a one of a kind wedding and and a one of a kind couple! These two are very photogenic, but their devotion to getting good photos also made this one extra special! If getting good photos on your wedding day is a priority, be sure to include enough time as Erika and Cameron did in their wedding schedule. Good photos do take more time than one may initially think. As a photographer, we must consider backgrounds, lighting, composition, framing, color temperature, and the list goes on! However, the rewards are evident as showcased in this couple’s beautiful online wedding photo album by clicking on the link below. Enjoy just a few of the many great photos attached as well!

Here is a link to their entire online wedding photo album:

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