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Consistently Creating New Content is What Successful Businesses are Doing.

In todays world, marketing is all bout generating content. Whether you're Geico or State Farm, a regional grocery chain like Weis Markets or Kroger, or you're a local business doing all you can to make ends meet, content is king. The key to not only generating new customers, but also keeping current customers engaged, is by consistently creating new content for media outlets like Facebook, Google, YouTube, or Instagram. This not only shows that your business is staying relevant, but it also shows algorithm-based search engines like Google that you are staying relevant, thus boosting your positioning in search engines.

An excellent way to create new content is by creating a strategic media campaign. I don't recommend over-working, but one of the things we do at R&E Creative is efficiently produce multiple means of content for businesses. For example, let's say your business wants to produce an overview video to host on your company's website homepage. This is a great idea! Company Overviews have been linked to increase sales by as much as 65%, they keep perspective clientele on your website twice as long, and they can also boost your legitimacy as a business leading to an increase in potential sales. You can also post this video on various social media outlets creating brand awareness. However, why stop there? The problem most companies struggle with is seeing beyond the first step. It only takes a week or so for the social media lust of any particular video to wear off. That's why successful businesses are constantly posting new photos and videos, blogs, and even podcasts. So what you could create a months worth of content in one day?

I always encourage anyone considering a company overview to think beyond just the task at hand. While you have your videographer there, why not me take some updated head shots, action work photos, a few social media video clips, new products, and the list goes on. Maximize the opportunity to work with your media professional. I always ask the questions that pertain to a company's relevance and immediate future, that way I can give you so much more than just one simple company overview. You're set wih multiple videos, photos, transcriptions of video interviews for future blogs, and the list goes on! You're not going to see dramatic changes overnight, but with a little patience, you will no longer be making cold calls because your customers will be finding you!

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