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Creating a Wedding Highlight Video on a Budget without Sacrificing Quality | Williamsport, MD

Certainly, I am a bit behind on blogs! However, I wanted to share a wedding video I produced over the summer. And the content of this blog will focus on how we are flexible in the video produced based on your budget and needs.

Like most of us, Desirae and Jesse had a specific budget allocated to creating their wedding video. One of the things we can do at R&E Creative is work with basically any budget to produce a compelling wedding video. In this particular video, we were able to save money by eliminating the audio commentary during editing. However, the audio was still recorded in case Desirae and Jesse decide they every want to produce a more elaborate video in the future when their finances change. This is one of the luxuries we offer at R&E Creative. While the editing is perhaps a bit more simplistic in this video than what we are capable of producing, the raw footage still exists to produce a more complexly editing video in the future.

Enjoy their wedding video!

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