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Mercersburg Academy 2018 Reunion!

I recently had the opportunity to produce a short highlight video for Mercersburg Academy capturing the many events taking place during their annual reunion weekend. I must say, it’s unlikely you will find a nicer, more polite group of individuals. From the moment I stepped onto campus, I was in awe of the beauty. When I first met my point of contact, I was greeted with the warmest welcome and an overly accommodating set of hands. As a videographer, I was feeling truly humbled. After I was given the opportunity to hear some of the stories from alumni, I began to realize just how impactful this school had been on many lives. Thus, it was important to do my best to illustrate this continued connection these individuals had with each other and their school.

The first day, we recorded the kick-off dinner banquet where several alum were honored for their contributions to the school. We spent the next two days recording multiple events hosted by the school’s alumni committee, as well as capturing some brief interviews that I was able to intertwine with all of the fun footage. In an effort to keep the video relevant, I edited the video over the next two days, and we were able to share the video on social media the following Tuesday. Seeing all of the positive reaction to the video is a testament to not just the video, but also the hard work of everyone involved with making the weekend a success.

Please enjoy this beautiful gathering of people and families celebrating their continuing relationships through Mercersburg Academy on their 2018 Reunion Weekend!

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