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Incorporating Drone Video into your Wedding Video! | Mount Airy, MD

Certainly one of my favorite styles of filming is from high above! As a certified FAA drone pilot, I have the privilege of being able to capture some highly unique perspectives during a wedding (as well as during commercial or documentary videos). While without question, the most important part of any wedding video is the couple getting married, aerial shots can capture the setting perhaps better than any camera from ground level. As well, aerial shots are just cool and highly visual! And they can really make a wedding video stand out from the rest.

The way I like to record wedding drone footage is to begin early. If I have scheduled to begin recording prep video at say noon, I like to fly the drone around 10am. This gives me an hour or two to get some amazing aerial shots of the setting beforehand so that I don't miss anything during the day, nor is the buzzing drone a distraction during the wedding. While it is possible to get some aerial footage during the course of the wedding, it's a much higher and unnecessary risk. Take a look below at how I edited Dani and Andrew's wedding incorporating the beautiful drone footage I shot before the wedding into their finished highlight video.

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