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78 Years Later, What Can Your Business Learn about Marketing from the Classic Film Citizen Kane (194

In addition to producing digital media, I also teach as an adjunct professor at both Hood College in Frederick, MD, and at Frederick Community College in Frederick, MD. This week for my "Intro to Film" class, we screened the classic film Citizen Kane (1941). I show this film for a plethora of reasons. 1. It's inventiveness and ingenuity in both storytelling and production. 2. It's influence on the film industry 3. It's metaphorical depiction of life. In an era where films were mass produced like assembly line work, Orson Welles challenged that business model with creativity and ambition.

When we look at today's media, the same risk vs. reward still applies, the stakes have just increased. In both 1941 and 2019, there are underlying expectations of what media content should look, sound, and feel like. Yet whenever someone is courageous enough to challenge the safety that lies within tried and true methods, well executed authentic ideals are often regarded with more praise and attention. As a potential business owner, consider brands like Geico who aren't afraid to create unique branding. There media campaigns have been highly successful and some of the most recognizable amongst any industry.

R&E Creative helps businesses create creative solutions to engage current and potential customers. Learn more about creating unique branding that makes your company stand out from the rest. Contact us for a free consultation.

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